Blog Archives - A Lesson in Patience
I'm having some trouble with my blog host tonight, so hang in there if this doesn't look right. I emailed the host; I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

So anyway - I finally did it! I mowed the lawn! Granted, it's not the best looking job in the history of mowed lawns, but the front and side yard are looking TONS better than they were. And yeah, so I ran out of gas partway through and had to text Theseus to ask where the replacement can of gas was, and yeah, by the time he called me back I'd already lost motivation and gone inside, but who cares? Point is, I got out the push mower, started the thing for the first time in my life, and mowed the damn lawn (part of the damn lawn).

Aaaand now it's pouring and thundering and the cable just went out. I give up. This might not even post. Time for bed I guess.

- Antiope

I don't have much to say tonight... today just kind of came and went. My jaw still feels stiff and puffy (my face is Swollen with a capital S) but it doesn't hurt exactly. I'm just frustrated that I can't really open my mouth, so everything has to be eaten slowly in very, very small bites... but I'm starving.

Here is what I ate today: a banana, 12 strawberries, half a bagel with apricot ginger cream cheese, a third of a bowl of pumpkin/squash bisque and a handful of baby carrots with guacamole. I keep going to the fridge and digging for something that won't take so long to eat. I really want to eat something warm - perogies! Or pasta! Theseus's glazed tofu! I'm so hungry I could scream!! 

- Antiope

It's nearly 9:00 pm and I'm happy to report, I'm feeling much, much better than I'd expected: I'm sitting in the tv room, watching the game and thinking about dinner. What a difference from the last time!

The dentist (oral surgeon, technically) I had this morning was by. far. the best I've had. Before the surgery, he sat with me in the waiting room and described the entire procedure, down to "and then I'm going to recline your chair and we'll put a blood pressure indicator on you, then we'll place a pulse monitor on your finger tip..." He was the nicest, most understanding dentist. He even called me from his cell later in the afternoon to see how I was doing. "You don't have to wait until your post-op appointment Thursday if you have any questions; just call me, any time up until about 10:00 pm. And don't forget - a towel on your pillow tonight."
Tomorrow I have an early dentist appointment to have my remaining two wisdom teeth removed.

I'm terrified.
Oh Saturday, I had such plans for you! There was laundry to be done, an end table to continue sanding, a lawn that desperately needed mowing, dishes to be put away, a shower to be cleaned, the list goes on.

Instead I played on Facebook and read some blogs until after 1:00. By that time the ambitious sound of my neighbors (on all sides and across the lake) mowing their lawns had begun to annoy me. Why are you still inside? my lawn complained to me through the open window. It's going to rain tomorrow, you have to mow me today!
The mailbox held a bill for our trash removal and a letter from my grandmother.

I didn't have a cork for the bottle of wine I opened earlier this week so I covered the top with several folds of plastic wrap and secured it with a hair tie.
After work I finally took the bag of soggy kitchen scraps outside to the compost bin, but not before digging through the fridge for more old produce. Into the compost went an entire, unopened bag of turnips, one of lettuce, and one of baby carrots. I also threw in a mostly full bag of green grapes, a cucumber, a lemon and half an onion.
Today I was haunted by the ghosts of dinners past, walking through the busy commissary with a tote bag on my shoulder. The last week Theseus and I were at home, I was spoiled - lavish breakfasts served after I slept in, followed by extravagent dinners in the evening. I enjoyed breakfast quesadillas with mango salsa, and raspberry cider glazed tofu. So far this week I've eaten a few tofu hot dogs, several handfuls of sour grape Frooties, a mostly brown banana, two chocolate cupcakes with homemade strawberry frosting, a string cheese, and some spicy tomato juice. Makes your mouth water, right??
I drove home under a yellowing sky, jaundiced clouds huddled together to form a menacing canopy. It even smells like rain. I love the way the air feels right before a storm - hurried, distracted, fluid. I wish I could bottle the feeling of the wind coming through my open car windows and enveloping my face in cool dampness. It makes me feel fast and new.

The changing weather inspired me to stop at the hardware store for sandpaper and wood filler. Didn't I promise myself I would only spend one day on the couch crying? A clerk helped me find tack cloth, I paid for my things, and continued home.
I'd planned on beginning a long-term project today, of which I have a number to choose from:

- sand and repaint end table
- sand and repaint Theseus's nightstand
- smooth and repaint walls in guest bathroom
- yard work
- yard work
- yard work

I decided instead to give myself a day to adjust to the persistent silence in the house, rather than rush to mask it. So far I've managed only to take a shower and heat up a frozen Healthy Choice. The rest of the day I've spent on the couch, watching Season 5 of The Office on my laptop and sulking.