I'm having some trouble with my blog host tonight, so hang in there if this doesn't look right. I emailed the host; I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

So anyway - I finally did it! I mowed the lawn! Granted, it's not the best looking job in the history of mowed lawns, but the front and side yard are looking TONS better than they were. And yeah, so I ran out of gas partway through and had to text Theseus to ask where the replacement can of gas was, and yeah, by the time he called me back I'd already lost motivation and gone inside, but who cares? Point is, I got out the push mower, started the thing for the first time in my life, and mowed the damn lawn (part of the damn lawn).

Aaaand now it's pouring and thundering and the cable just went out. I give up. This might not even post. Time for bed I guess.

- Antiope

5/31/2010 01:18:56 pm

"What beautiful photos! And you must be so excited - you're so close!!!"

Thank you so much! Yes, only 15 days away now! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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