The mailbox held a bill for our trash removal and a letter from my grandmother.

I didn't have a cork for the bottle of wine I opened earlier this week so I covered the top with several folds of plastic wrap and secured it with a hair tie.
The lieutenant ate one of those repulsive Double Down sandwiches from KFC last night and placed the wrapper neatly in my trash so I'd see it when I got into work this morning.

My coffee had too much sugar.

My cats tried, unsucessfully, to get into my closed tonight. I opened my husband's closet instead so they could jump on his shelves and walk all over his folded pants but they weren't interested.

Julianne Moore's Boston accent on 30 Rock tonight is horrid. Also Matt Damon looks like he's about 100 (but I still find him insanely handsome).

Meridith gave me 9 pairs of shoes and I'm going to wear every pair for a couple hours this weekend.

And... that is all.

- Antiope

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