I don't have much to say tonight... today just kind of came and went. My jaw still feels stiff and puffy (my face is Swollen with a capital S) but it doesn't hurt exactly. I'm just frustrated that I can't really open my mouth, so everything has to be eaten slowly in very, very small bites... but I'm starving.

Here is what I ate today: a banana, 12 strawberries, half a bagel with apricot ginger cream cheese, a third of a bowl of pumpkin/squash bisque and a handful of baby carrots with guacamole. I keep going to the fridge and digging for something that won't take so long to eat. I really want to eat something warm - perogies! Or pasta! Theseus's glazed tofu! I'm so hungry I could scream!! 

- Antiope

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