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I really miss Theseus' freckles tonight. :(

- Antiope

- homework
- raking (some of?) the front yard
- strawberry-banana shake
- grocery shopping

And maybe a nap? I'm so tired I could die.

- Antiope

I woke up to cat puke in my bathroom.
Awake. Cold, fresh air. Sleepy toes touch the carpet. Birds beyond the bathroom window. Hot water on my closed eyelids. A steamy shower door. Terry cloth around my shoulders. The taste of toothpaste. Wet footprints trace a path to the bedroom. Jeans, a shirt. My favorite pair of flip flops. My keys, my books, the door.

A blown kiss to the cats.

"I'll be back later," I tell them.

- Antiope

[sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice]

Three dead mice. Three dead mice.
See how they lie, See how they lie,
Out in the yard 'cause my cats killed them.
I took them away and then threw them outside.
If only they hadn't come in the house.
(they're) Three dead mice.

- Antiope

I know, I know, I keep saying I'll start posting regularly again and then I disappear for a few weeks. I have no new reason for my most recent absence, only the same old reasons - sickness, fatigue, lack of motivation/sleep/time.

But I'm here now, so let's get to it.
Seriously. I'll be back tomorrow. I have a post started, about school, a mouse, my new unit, autumn, and of course, the baby.

To hold you over until then, here's a glimpse into my mornings:

- Antiope

I was also sick, too sick to finish Operation Dog's Breakfast and too sick to clean anything in the house (it's bad).

Some other things that happened since I was here last:

- my car was hit in a Panera Bread parking lot while I was getting out of it (car is fine, I am fine)

- finally picked up Theseus's Firebird from the auto repair shop (only 4 months after the accident)

- a family of 4 kittens and 1 momma moved into my back porch and left in the middle of the night without paying the rent

- started school (today was the first day). I managed to get lost trying to find my first class (stood outside the wrong room in the wrong building for 20 minutes, then realized it and ran to my real classroom, red-faced, and was berated by the (religion!!) teacher for being late), soak all of my books/notebooks when my water bottle opened up in my bag, and, oh, realized I purchased the wrong books for - you guessed it - religion class, so now not only do I have to buy another expensive book, I cannot return the SIX books I bought for the class, because they are all water damaged.

I have to go grump now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

- Antiope