I know, I know, I keep saying I'll start posting regularly again and then I disappear for a few weeks. I have no new reason for my most recent absence, only the same old reasons - sickness, fatigue, lack of motivation/sleep/time.

But I'm here now, so let's get to it.

Religion and Macroeconomics are both excellent. I enjoy the information presented and look forward to the classes. Algebra is okay, but I really shouldn't be there. I'm angry with my past-self for not taking 30 minutes to study for the entrance exam; I would have saved myself a semester of frustration. Now that I am seeing the material again, I remember a lot of what I had forgotten. If only I'd studied, just a little, I could have skipped this level and gone on to one that actually counts toward my degree. Lesson learned, I suppose.

Music is another story. The professor routinely shows up late (today we waited 20 minutes and then left - the class is only 50 minutes long) and when he's there, he is so scattered and disoriented, it's hard to follow what he's trying to communicate. And how can we take the class seriously if he can't even bother to show up on time?

A Mouse (Two Mice, So Far)

I told you how my cats caught a snake in the basement? Add two mice to the list of their trophies. I was able to save the snake; the mice didn't fare as well. Fi caught both mice (two separate nights) and was pretty furious when I took them away from him. He tried to take the first one upstairs - gross. The second one he batted around for awhile before I was able to take it away, so there were little blood spatters all over the basement. Yep.

*UPDATE: three mice

New Unit

In my first 30 days in this new unit, my leadership helped me put together a promotion packet, which was accepted and is awaiting signature from the CG. In 30 days, this unit managed to do what my home unit, the first unit I'd ever had, the unit I spent 5.5 years with, deployed with, could not do. This just validates, again, my decision to leave them. Best thing I ever did for my career.


I loooooove the fall! It's getting colder, so the sweatshirts are coming out (but not time to retire the flip flops just yet). I love the changing, falling leaves, I love the way the air smells, I love the darker mornings, I love fall food - apple cider and pumpkins and thick soups. And around the corner is my favorite holiday: Halloween!

And lastly, Baby
Can't wait to meet the little one... March 22!

- Antiope

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