I woke up to cat puke in my bathroom.
But then I got to school and got the test score of my 4th quiz in Comparative Religion - 110%, which offsets a previous 90% I got, so I now have a perfect average. And I've worked my ass off for it!!! I work harder for my Religion class than for the other three combined, easily. I love it, though. I'm killing it and I love it.

I squandered an opportunity to get a degree twice before - I won't do it again.

Later, in Intro to Music, our professor (who sucks) told us our two quizzes (due by the end of the day next Weds) are open-book. Since I am still in a fog regarding that class, this is a relief. Note to self: work harder at losing the fog.

At lunch I mailed Thesues his textbooks for the distance learning class he is taking. He's enrolled at the same college as me, which tickles me, even though we aren't both physically there. I just love the idea of going to the same college as my husband. :)

I also mailed two textbooks (two of the wrong ones from my Religion class) that people bought from me on Amazon. That was nice.

Ate a quick lunch, took a quick nap, then Algebra.

Turns out I completed an extra assignment by accident, so I'm a whole day ahead (usually we are assigned two lessons from the syllabus each class, so I went ahead and did the next two, but only one is due on Monday, the other is not due until Weds).

I'm far enough ahead in all of my classes that I'm going to treat myself to a trip to MA this weekend. :D

And now it is thundering and lightning. Not a bad ending for a day that began with cat puke.


I am gently, slowly reviving Operation Dog's Breakfast - I can't take on a whole week at once, though, especially not now with school taking up so much of my time. So one or two recipes a week for now.

This upcoming week, I will be making creamy potato-leek soup and falafel pita pockets.

- Antiope

9/23/2010 12:33:41 pm

School started today. I'm learning from a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author and he's an amazing guy. Another class seems pretty good and one class seems like it might suck. We'll see.

How's baby?


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