I met a resident of my back yard today - a brownish greyish furry thing. It hid under my porch and I poked it with a spoon. It was an exciting afternoon.

Let me back up.
I've been trying to clear out our fridge (it never ends, I swear, it's like a bottomless pit). Today I finished sorting through all the condiments and sentenced anything that would expire before Theseus gets back, aside from ketchup and salad dressing, to the compost.

With an armful of BBQ sauce, minced garlic, maraschino cherries (gross), chocolate sauce and some assorted other ingredients for kitchen magic (and a spoon for scraping), I made my way to the compost bin. It sits on the far corner of our detached porch, basking for most of the day in the sun. I try to get out to it every other day, if not more frequently, to rotate it. We're going to have the best garden ever next year!

I set down the bottles and jars on the edge of the porch and began dumping some old pickles into the bin when I noticed a pile of freshly disturbed soil. There had always been a hole leading under the porch, but ever since we moved in, the hole had been partially covered with leaves and appeared to be abandoned. Not now.
As I walked over for a closer look, there was a distinct rustle under the porch boards. I looked down at my flip flops and exposed ankles. This may not end well.

I stepped back onto the porch and walked to where the rustle had come from. Squatting and peering through the boards, I could see the furry thing (I am fairly certain it's a woodchuck) just below me. How often does one get the chance to be so close to nature's creatures? His fur looked so downy and soft - is it strange that my first thought was to pet it?

Thankfully (because, who wants rabies?), I couldn't reach it through the porch boards. So I did the next best thing. I poked it with the spoon.

I poked a woodchuck with a spoon today.

And how was your day?

- Antiope

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