Theseus has left for class, the baby is at day care, and I'm alone in the house in complete. silence.

Does that ever feel refreshing to you? Too often I have something on for background noise, whether it is the television or some music. Right now it is quiet enough in the house to hear a cat yawn in the other room and a car move across the bridge down the road. I can hear the wind and all the creaks our house makes. It's lovely, actually. I don't get to enjoy the silence very often (a consequence of having a 7 month old) so I try to savor it when I do.
Of course, too much silence is lonely and sad. In awhile I'll be up roaming around from room to room, restlessly fussing with things because there is no one here to entertain me. There are things I could (should) be doing - the usual: school work, laundry, everyday cleaning - but I'll probably just flutter around the house erratically like a moth until it is time to go to class. I'm not always good at motivating myself when there is no one here to remind me to be a responsible adult. It has been 18 days since I was last at work and already I have slid into unfortunate habits: going to bed later and later and rising the next day after 10:00 a.m. This is not conducive to being a functional member of this household, much less society. I think I will have to work on that. It just feels so good to be able to sleep in - but I'm really taking advantage of it, right? I need to get my behind in gear and stop sleeping/waking like a teenager. That's it: tomorrow I'm getting out of bed after I'm done feeding the baby at 7:00 a.m. instead of going back to sleep. For real, guys.

My tea has gone cold in my cup. Microwave then school work. I'm serious!


Last night Theseus and I registered for our classes in the spring. It's actually going to be a heavier workload than this semester, which I wasn't expecting, but so be it. Still absorbing the reality of it, so when I'm feeling a little more secure, I'll write a longer post about our schedules.


Unrelated, but: I'm sure you know that the internet was invented so people could share photos of their cats,* and today I came across a particularly funny one. Click here for a cat where he does not belong. My cats also make this face: oh no, I've been caught!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

*probably not true

- Antiope

10/19/2011 08:20:15 pm

holy heck, yes!

Rhea went down at 7:30 last night and I wasn't too exhausted to sit up. I was completely enjoying the baby quiet (even if their was husband noise).

It's nice to just be alone with your own thoughts.


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