Snips and snails and puppy dog tails - A Lesson in Patience

So... you're a boy! Of course, you already knew that, but it was exciting for me and your dad to find out yesterday.

You were sleeping for most of the ultrasound, so it was very easy for the technician to get all her measurements. She said you are just the right size! She showed me your legs and little feet, and just like last time, you kept one of your hands near your face. She took some more pictures for me - I'm going to have them all framed and hang them in your room. You'll be able to see them yourself in a few months.

Since your dad couldn't be there at the appointment with me, I asked the technician to write whether you are a boy or a girl in my notebook and then close it, so your dad and I could read it together later on the phone. He called me while I was driving back to our house and I pulled over at the milkshake place to look in my notebook. It was really a special moment for us. We can't wait to have you here where we can see and hold you.

We are both so excited to meet you!


- Antiope

10/27/2010 23:41:36

this has to be the absolutely cutest letter/note i have ever seen!!!!!
i think you should print this screen and save this somewhere
your the cutest ever
love you!!!

7/11/2012 09:05:03

nice post


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