We're having a quiet first night this year - tacos for dinner and s'mores later by the fire. Maybe I'll let myself enjoy a glass of wine. :)

This time last year I was in New York with J and Mer. I haven't seen much of them lately... it's been, what, three months? A damn shame. I need to get up there and see them soon.

Something else I just realized - remember that photo-a-day project I was talking about earlier this week? Yeah. It starts tomorrow. Holy crap. Guess I'll be spending some of tonight creating another site to host my photos. I'll have a link ready for you guys tomorrow, thought it might be a work in progress for a week or so.
So tonight I bid farewell to 2011. A lot of people I've talked to have expressed relief that it's over, but I don't know.  If I had to say something negative about it, it would be that each of the 12 months was a new flavor of exhaustion. I went from the last trimester of a pregnancy to a new baby, easy classes to not-so-easy classes, an infant to a very mobile little man. I started a job that I immediately hated and limped to the end, then chewed my fingers down to nubs waiting for new employment (9 more days!!). I adjusted to sharing my space with my husband, back from a deployment and not exactly the same as before he left. I mowed grass, pulled weeds, cleaned gutters, raked leaves, spread compost, stacked wood. I ate far too little from the garden, considering the effort that went into planting it. I grew up a lot.

2012 will be a better year, I think - some more of the same, but some new adventures too. I'm looking forward to being a better housekeeper, wearing earrings more often and beginning some creative projects - and most importantly, I'm looking forward to an entire year with my little family. Not sharing my husband with the Army this year. :)

See you all in 2012!

- Antiope

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