Recently I found a small stack of letters Theseus wrote to me when he was in basic training. Reading through them made me happy - Theseus can be very sweet and sensitive when he wants to be. ;)

But we haven't sent each other any letters since he's been deployed; traditional paper letters can take over a week to make it across the Atlantic. We are able to talk on the phone every day, and most days we also exchange messages on Facebook. As our time on the phone is limited, we use these messages to hold longer discussions, exchange passwords and other important information, communicate sudden ideas or thoughts that normally could be sent via text message or quick phone call. The messages have become an essential means of interaction; each morning, the very first thing I do is check for anything he sent while I was sleeping.
So how will these important messages be preserved? How will the baby read them someday?

I haven't worked it out just yet, but I want to collect them all in a book or an album, in order. Maybe together with the pages of this blog? I'd like Austin to see how our lives were before (and as) he arrived. I don't know. Maybe they're actually boring, but I myself am fascinated to look back at our "letters" to each other.

A couple of our messages:


Between Theseus and You

August 31 at 6:13pm
4 kittens came to our house!!!!! They are all sleeping on the lawn furniture on the porch right now!! Two are orange and white, one is a calico, one is a grey tiger stripe. Can I keep them? 7 cats wouldn't be so bad...

September 1 at 2:42am
mmmm 7 is a little too much buuuuuuuuuut you can keep one if you like......... :)


I wrote a haiku for you!
Between Theseus and You

Antiope August 31 at 3:01pm
a sleeping Monkey
someone tickled his grey foot
who did it? not me

Theseus September 1 at 2:43am
i think it WAS you!!!!!!! i looove my wifeee


Between Theseus and You

Antiope November 2 at 2:51pm
let's get some

Theseus November 3 at 3:53am
a goat, then a cow or cows, now bees.......
where are they all gonna go????

Antiope November 3 at 7:15am
on our farm! bees will pollinate our garden. so do some researching so you can build a beehive.

Theseus November 3 at 9:33am
what farm, little thing? we have a little house on a little lake in Jersey........ i think we are going to have to look for a bigger place!!!!

Antiope November 3 at 12:43pm
Our house isn't that little, but yes, we do need a bigger place, def a bigger lot. And not in NJ.


Between You and Theseus

Theseus November 20 at 7:42am
i was reading your blogs today.....
made me miss you alot :(
made me really ache wanting to be near you
i'm sad today

Antiope November 21 at 8:54am
why honey? what did I say that made you sad? :(

Theseus November 21 at 9:03am
you were talking about Marshmallow and your adventures with the kittens.... and how sad you were to see him go...
and talking about school
and i don't know
just was sad
i just miss you a lot

- Antiope

12/13/2010 06:39:16 pm

letters that escaped..... i tried to collect them all into an album.... do you still have that????
maybe you could print the messages up and come up with a way to put them in a scrap book

i like how you have been keeping all the messages

12/14/2010 08:18:53 am

Seee, I know sometimes you think that i'm out of touch with this new technilogical world that we live in, I am, and there is a place for it, its been great for you to communicate with theseus, but isnt it nice to hold,and feel, and read something that theseus has also held, and put pen to paper. You wait for his letter, checking the mail every day. There is something to be said for the old ways.

12/14/2010 08:51:46 am

If you have access to a scanner, you could scan all the paper letters into word or adobe files and save them onto a CD-R....that would be a way to preserve them for the baby...


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