Ack! Would you believe I'm actually a little nervous to share my photo project with you? 

So - bear with me - it's still a little skeletal, and I'm not 100% satisfied with the home page photo, but I needed to put things in as placeholders. It will come together a little better in the coming weeks, I promise. Sorry! I created it last night in about 30 minutes while eating s'mores and waiting for the ball to drop. I was pretty distracted.

But. Here it is: The photos will be added in the Photos tab on the left side (no way, right?). Today's is already up.

I also added a link on the right side of this blog, under my photo and little bio. ---------------->
See it?
Now go there and tell me what you think! Seriously, I welcome suggestions.

So now you have it, my (overly?) ambitious attempt at taking and posting a photo every day. I think (hope!) it will make me a better shooter, and it will be really fun, I think. Fingers crossed that I'll make it to Dec 31!*

Oh and something else, a word of warning: This blog is due for a makeover. The photo on the top of the page (not mine) is a sunflower, and it's freakin January! So sometime in the near future I'll redo the design here. And Theseus has informed me that my Family section is outdated (guilty!) so I'll update that, too. Also the homepage here has all old photos. And the Blogroll is probably terrible as well, but it's been so long since I looked at it... maybe I'll just delete it, who knows.

Welp. Good night!


*Or actually, Dec 21, since that's when the world is ending.

- Antiope

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