Yikes, this blog is pretty dusty. Sorry I have been away so long - the weeks leading up to Christmas were hectic as we tried to split and stack wood for our fireplace, rake and get the garden ready for the winter (still not done...). Oh and shopping, selling textbooks on Amazon and preparing for the trek to the icy North.

Now we're back in Nj recovering from the excursion... fire burning in the living room, the History Channel on tv, feet up on the couch. Theseus made breakfast quesadillas for dinner (yum!) and then we gave the baby a bath. He has a new bath toy from my grandmother - a whale that floats around and spouts up water - and he really enjoyed it. He's sleeping now... it's nice to be home.
So I was thinking some more about New Year's resolutions, and I have a couple more to add to my list. In 2012, I will also wear earrings more often, and try to better exercise the creative part of my brain.

The earring part will be easy (I have an obscene amount of earrings for no good reason), and I already have an idea for the creativity/project part: I know it isn't the most original idea in the world, but I really, really want to try to take a photo-a-day and keep them all together, in a blog format (probably). I'm excited! 365 (366? Is 2012 a leap year?) photos, all together, encompassing the things that happened or things we saw over the course of the year. I received a spiffy Nikon D200 for Christmas and I'm itching to sharpen my photography skills. Plus, it will be fun to look back at all the photos next December and remember all the things that happened in 2012. I haven't decided exactly where I will compile all these photos while I'm working on this project, but wherever they end up, I will give you all a link so you can follow my progress if you want. I've always wanted to do something like this, so hopefully I don't get to March and give up.

Theseus and I have another idea for a long-term, rather large project, but it's still in the planning stage. I'll share more about it if/when we get something going.

Well, that's it. I'm also going to commit to keep up with this blog - I have been seriously neglecting it, and that makes me sad. So, for the 2 people left out there who still read this: don't give up on me yet! 2012 will be a fresh start for us all, this blog included.

- Antiope

12/30/2011 05:52:48 am

I'm still a blog reader!


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