No really, I do. My last post here was apologizing for getting behind in my photo blog, and then I fell even farther behind.

12 days behind, to be exact. But maybe you knew that?

I've now uploaded 7 photos (May 17-23) and am currently taking a break. Taking the photo is the easy part - I haven't had a problem keeping up with that. It's the editing and posting that has been KILLING ME! And the longer it went, the less I wanted to sit down and get caught up.

I'll see how far I get today; the rest I will post tomorrow. Seriously! I miss the blog, to tell the truth. :(


Unrelated, but important: today is Memorial Day. A number of people have sent me texts and Facebook messages, thanking me for my service - while I appreciate the sentiments, today is for the dead, not the living. Thank me on Veteran's Day if you want, but not today.

Today I thank SSG James P. Hunter and SSgt Christopher S. Frost for their service and sacrifice. The world is a little darker without them in it.

- Antiope

8/22/2012 08:23:37 am

I know you are busy and all but I want to see your pictures!


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