...for mismatched kitchenware.

You will find me at the yard sale, Goodwill, Salvation Army, flea market, sorting through stacks of unwanted dishes or digging through containers of discarded flatware to find the lone piece that belongs in my collection.
Where did the rest of the set go? At one time, there must have been 10 of these knives together in a box, bowls to match this single plate. Someone picked this set out for their first home, for a wedding gift. And now here this single piece is, alone.

I've started a collection of monogrammed/engraved flatware:
- two knives (top of the photo) monogrammed with a 'P' and a 'C'
- fork engraved with 'School District Phila' (middle)
- spoon monogrammed with an 'N' (lower left)
- two knives engraved with AA, the American Airlines logo (lower right)

Some of my orphaned dishware:
All of these are singles, with two exceptions: I have two each of the flowered bowl (top left corner) and the strawberry plate (bottom row).

How does a plate end up by itself? Where is the rest of the set? It can't all have broken, right? Was it a dessert plate, forgotten at a party? Did this lone bowl carry pasta salad to a cookout before being left behind? Did someone forget to pack it before a move? Was it borrowed, or stolen? How did it end up alone on a shelf at the Salvation Army?

It's a strange thing, I know, to feel bad for a plate, but I always do. So I rescue them and let them be a part of my set, which is a set only in that nothing matches.

I can usually walk away from a pair, unless I'm really taken by the design, but that lone plate... it gets me every time.

- Antiope

11/6/2010 07:36:09 am

and maaaaaaaybeeee you have a couple more things on the way to add!!!!


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