I'm home now - I have a load of dishes in the dishwasher, a load of laundry in the dryer. I have another basket full of clothes to wash (how??). I have to vacuum. I have to take the trash out. Both bathrooms are a wreck. I miss Theseus terribly. But it's good to be home.
Before we left for Texas, Theseus's dad helped get my lawn back under control (ok, he did more than "help" - I rode the riding mower, after he showed me how to, and he did everything else). I touched up the front yard and braved our steep hill while he weed-whacked the side yard that prompted the warning from our township code enforcement people (lawn police?). Embarrassing.

Anyway. The relentless sun has killed most of my grass, so this cutting should last for a few weeks at least. But if the grass were still green, the yard would look great! And I finally feel comfortable on the riding mower, which was the biggest accomplishment, I think. Theseus's dad really made it simple for me. I think I may even be able to use the weed whacker without cutting off a foot.

We also tried to pick up Theseus's Firebird, which was in an accident the week before he left for Texas (not his fault). It made it halfway back and died. A tow truck came and took it back to the auto shop. So much for that.

The trip to Texas was - I think I'll save that, actually, for its own post. Maybe tomorrow. :)

We got back to NJ on Saturday and Theseus's dad continued north to his house. Three hours later, my parents arrived and stayed for two nights. I put my dad to work, too, haha.

He smoothed the walls in our spare bathroom, installed two new ceiling fans (one in the living room, one in the spare bedroom), switched the two light switches in the dining room so they make sense (hard to explain, but they were backwards). My mom and I pruned some of the trees in the back yard (I discovered we have a pear tree!) and cleared some brush. Mostly, it was so hot that we just sat inside in the air conditioning. I can't wait to get a central-air unit installed. Think I'll write myself a note to call someone tomorrow.

Last night we decided not to cook on the grill and instead ordered a pizza. It was even too hot for fireworks.

Now motivated by all the progress inside and outside my house, I finished sanding the joint compound on the bathroom walls and began painting one of my projects (photos when the project is done). Still have to vacuum and do all those other house chores, but I think I will, it doesn't seem so overwhelming now. I guess I just needed a little kick in the ass, but don't we all, sometimes?

I love my mom, and my two dads. :)

- Antiope

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