I don't know what got into us today - we got a ton of fun stuff up on the walls! Two years after we bought the house and we're just getting around to decorating, haha.

Our new mirror went up in the living room, to the left of the window. On the other side, we put up two multi-photo frames that I'd filled over the summer; one frame for Theseus, one for me, each a collection of new and old photos. I'm really proud of them. :)
In the hall we rehung a cool black frame that fell off the wall over the summer and was damaged. I covered the broken section with some black and white ribbon - now the frame is more visually interesting, and you'd never know it had been damaged.

But the best hang was in the dining room. On the wall behind the kitchen table, we (finally) hung this great old glass window that my dad gave me forever ago. It had been languishing in my parents' basement for years, growing dirty and collecting dead bugs, then it travelled here and got tucked away in the attic. Today when we were putting away all the Christmas stuff, Theseus spotted it and asked if I wanted to hang it finally. How could I say no? I washed it up and Theseus added some hanging hardware - it looks so, so cool.

We still have a bunch of empty frames (and albums) that need photos, which I'll try to work on in the next couple weeks. I sent a small batch of digital photos to CVS for printing, oh and I have my new camera! It's nice to enjoy working with photos again. Taking them for the Army can suck the fun out of the craft.


Other stuff: I got some more raking done today (it never ends!) and Theseus cut down the ugly fruit trees on the hill. Dry your tears: they were crab varieties of apple and pear, good for nothing except dropping their tiny shriveled fruit in the yard, food for the squirrels. It was a pain to mow the grass around them. Glad to see them go.

Suppose I should go to bed. I only have another week to enjoy being a night owl before I'm a working stiff again.


- Antiope

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