Today was my first day back to class - last time I set foot in a classroom was 18 days ago. That time whipped by, but at the same time it feels like an eternity since I opened a textbook.

Tomorrow I have an exam in chemistry lab; I have NO IDEA what is on the exam and will probably fail it. I should start preparing myself for a B to blemish my perfect average... R.I.P., 4.0... :(

- Antiope

3/30/2011 07:58:49 pm

i have faith in wifee
i'm sure you still get an awesome grade and retain that 4.0... blemish free :)

3/31/2011 03:57:10 am

Thanks honey. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected, but I really was worried. I hate going into exams blind. :/

9/24/2012 04:46:17 pm

Nice info dude


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