Tipped over another glass of water in the living room.

Kitchen trash bag tore open as I was carrying it outside.

School counselor told me I cannot test out of the next (and final) level of non-credit Algebra, so I have to take it next semester. More time wasted.

Everything I ate tasted like the color beige.

Accidently bought non-clumping cat litter, because it was cheaper and I didn't look closely at the packaging.

It is nearly 7:30 p.m. and I still have at least 3 hours of Religion reading left to do.


- Antiope

10/28/2010 03:34:04 pm

breathe..... breathe......
it'll be okay, i promise
a little water is fine, never killed any one and really if you walked away from it, it would dry on it's own.
as for the trash, it's NJ is anyone going to notice.... seriously.... NYC does it all the time!

and the cheap litter for the foster cats will be okay, hopefully they will have a good and loving new home soon...
and as for homework..... welll i won't comment...buuuuut should have been done already :} lol
loooooove you


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