I survived the first leg of my 10-day class! It has actually been shortened to a 9-day class; our professor clearly didn't want to have to come in on Saturday, but then he acted like it was our idea to cut Saturday from the course.

Anway. He squashed part of Saturday's chapters into today, and will squash the other chapters into Monday. So I get two day off. Whatever will I do with all my free time?
My plan for the weekend: sleep in, tea and fruit salad, watch the snow fall, finish The Omnivore's Dilemma, nap, make a big batch of (vegetarian) shepherd's pie to split into portions and freeze, maybe some laundry, maybe pick up some gardening supplies (our seeds are on their way!), maybe organize my bookcase, maybe repot my poor orchid that's been sitting in a broken pot for a couple months, maybe none of those (more naps?).

And I think I'll make brownies and stick a bunch of them in the freezer so I can eat them slowly. Mmmm. Brownies.


Oh, and did I tell you Mushroom was adopted? I brought him back to PetSmart on Sunday, someone saw him and fell in love with him on Monday, and he was adopted on Tuesday. Congrats, Mushy! :)

- Antiope

1/7/2011 06:54:38 pm

i got an idea
how about take some picture (like i was told i would get)
and make a batch of those delicious browniesss for meeee :)


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