Back at the house - boxes in the mailbox held my books for school and some jewelry I'd ordered. The cats were wild. My plants were thirsty.

I got an update on my OB referral from Tricare and called the OB's office to make an appointment (left a message). The garage called; Theseus's car is fixed. My college held 6 new-student orientations during the month of August and I didn't know about them so I missed them all.

I have to work a half-day tomorrow at my new unit, to get inprocessed and game-plan my (hopeful) job in the late spring. I also have to pick up my refill for prenatal vitamins. And, apparently, try to beg someone at my school to give me a one-on-one orientation, as I still have no idea how to get around the campus. School starts in 9 days.
So, the point of this post: I'm doing an experiment this week. I'm going to try to go 7 days without eating anything I didn't make myself - I know, the horror!!

Here are the guidelines I am giving myself:
- no meals I didn't make myself
- beverages don't count
- emergency nausea-preventing snacks don't count
- I will utilize the freezer. I will utilize the freezer. I will utilize the freezer.

I went through my vegetarian pregnancy cookbook and chose easy, simple meals for the week (I am pretty much a non-cook, so...). I actually wrote down a plan for each meal, each day. I tried to choose meals that call for similar ingredients, to cut down on waste; it's difficult to cook for one person and not throw a ton of soggy leftovers away. Hence, the freezer (I will utilize the freezer. I will utilize the freezer. I will utilizer the freezer), which should also help cut down on waste.

If all of this sounds like common sense to you, please try to understand - I'm no good at this. I have never had to feed myself for an extended amount of time, so I never learned how to cook anything other than pasta, and I certainly have ZERO experience with meal planning and creating a leftover schedule.

So this is my first stab at it. Tomorrow I'll be using up some odds and ends in the fridge, then after I'm done with my unit I'm going to go grocery shopping. Day 1 of Operation Dog's Breakfast begins on Wednesday. I'll post my menu a day in advance, then reflect on each adventure in the kitchen. I don't know how interesting it will be to read about, but it helps me keep focused to type things out.

Well, that's it! It's now after 9 p.m. and I haven't had dinner yet. Time to go heat up something from the fridge. Looking forward to this experiment.


Additional, somewhat-unrelated goal for the week: buy vegan shampoo/conditioner/body wash and ditch my current stuff.

Longer-term, somewhat-unrealistic goal: make my own shampoo/conditioner/soap.


I will utilize the freezer. I will utilize the freezer. I will utilize the freezer.

- Antiope

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