July 25. 5:45 p.m. 87 degrees. Light wind from the west.
Exits 99-96: Metallica
Exit 92: David Sedaris audiobook
Exit 75: traffic (6:37 p.m.)
Exit 61: gas
Exit 49: "Classic Rock Spotlight: 1978"
Exit 41: more traffic
Exit 40: phone call from sister (forgot phone charger in MA)
Exit 39A: began driving barefoot
Exit 39B: rubbernecked at car accident
Exit 38: grooved pavement
Exit 32: Bob Seger
Exit 30: watched a car get pulled over
Exit 23: halfway point (8:03 p.m.)
Exit 20: made eye contact with a man in a maroon Camry
Exit 18: car behind me does not have its headlights on (8:09 p.m.)
Exit 11: plugged in iPod
Exit 10: bug crawling on my leg? no.

New York
Exit 18B: Dave Matthews Band
Exit 10: a sea of brakelights
Exit 13: venetian blinds in the road
Exit 8A: began driving with left foot
287/95 split: not paying attention, wrong direction

George Washington Bridge
9:38 p.m.
New Jersey
Exit 15W: Dropkick Murphys
Exit 10: 1 hour to go
Exit 8: missing Theseus, cried
County Route 526: no one on the road but me...

- Antiope

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