Yum! (a garden update) - A Lesson in Patience
For dinner tonight, Theseus made us a big salad from the lettuce in the garden. He cut up some of our cucumbers, added some cherry tomatos (only on my plate, though; he doesn't like tomatoes), grilled zucchini, and corn. The corn was the only thing in the salad not from our garden. Pretty cool, eh?

Speaking of corn, a sad story: we had some impressive storms last week, and in the wind, most of our corn was knocked down. Theseus hilled it back up and tied it to some poles so they won't get blown over again, but I hope they even make it. The damage was pretty significant. So far our corn has survived two attacks from hungry geese and now hurricane-force winds. If they ever produce any ears, I'll be very impressed! The stalks are about 6 1/2 feet now and I'm getting impatient for corn.
The rest of the garden is coming along nicely. Our pickling-cucumbers are the stars of the garden - nearly every day we are picking two or three cuckes. Theseus has made 9 jars of pickles so far! We've also had a lot of zucchini and quite a few regular-sized cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, plus we ate some of the swiss chard and some lettuce tonight.

We're still waiting on a lot more: the potatoes have flowered and should be ready in another month or so. The summer squash plants are just starting to grow squash (they were part of the unfortunate batch of sickly plants that ended up surviving, but are a bit behind everything else - four of the sickly heirloom tomato plants survived and should hopefully have fruit in another month). Two cabbage plants survived and are looking pretty awesome, though I'm not sure when you are supposed to eat them.

The pumpkins are slowly making their way down the hill on the side of the house. Did I tell you we have a mystery pumpkin? I bought two varieties, giant and pie, but there are three different types growing, judging by the leaves. Our watermelon plants are walking along the garden as well.

The winter squash plants are getting huge, but no signs of squash yet. I'm really looking forward to that, since we mixed up the markers when we were planting them and now have no idea which plant is which (we have four varieties in the garden). I love winter squash.

The peppers survived an insect attack and are beginning to flower, so maybe we'll have some peppers soon? We're also waiting on arugula (planted it very late) and chives (also late). My mom gave us some peppermint plants that are doing great - did someone say Mojitos?

The beets and the carrots are looking promising - can't wait to dig them up and see how they taste! The celery is not going to make it, though. We tried starting it indoors and it failed; we tried planting the seeds directly in the garden and those failed too (they are only about a quarter-inch tall). Oh well. The strawberries are also looking a little sad. Oh and the soy beans had a strong start but ultimately died. Like, completely.

One thing I have learned from this first seed-experiment is that it's better to start the seeds too early than too late. We had to buy zucchini and tomoato plants to replace the ones that didn't survive, and those have been giving us veggies for a few weeks now, while the squash and tomoato plants we started from seeds are just starting to flower. Lesson learned, I suppose.

I took some photos of the garden last weekend, but they are on my work computer. I'll try to remember to copy them to a disk tomorrow so I can post them here.

Good night!

- Antiope

7/13/2011 08:30:38

just a tip - dont dig up root crops (carrots, beets, potatos) - grasp the talk/stem firmly as close to the ground as possible and pull - dont yank - pull.

7/15/2012 06:21:10

Great info, thx


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