when all the cats move back into the bedroom at night.

Last night I woke up with a cat on either side of me, pinning me down under the blanket. I was also so hot I was almost on fire - little furry furnaces! It's hard to be mad at them when they are looking so sweet and angelic. I can almost convice myself they're snuggling because they love me, not because they are cold.

And --- I had to scrape my car for the first time this season! I'm really not prepared for this weather. Doesn't it feel like it just snuck up this year? And wouldn't you know it, I was running late for drill (of course) and I couldn't find my scraper. Thankfully the frost wasn't very think; I used my license to scrape a quick porthole and jumped into the freezing car.

But it's ok, because in a few short days I will be standing in some sunny sand, looking out over the water with the people most dear to me. In addition to this creeping chilly weather, I hope to leave behind some of my cares in this lonely state of NJ.

- Antiope

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