After work today I got a couple solid hours in the yard - mowing the lawn, raking the last of the fall leaves, cleaning up from the firewood delivery. It felt good to feel the rattle of the steering wheel against my palms and to flex my arms against the wet leaves. I missed the yard.

While I roamed around fixing up the disarray of winter, Theseus brought our little seedlings out to the deck and repotted the strongest ones: soy beans, pumpkins, zucchini, summer squash, bush beans, acorn squash, pickling cucumbers. We are having much better luck this year (fingers crossed!) and will hopefully not have to supplement our garden with Home Depot plants. It sucked last year, to put so much work into picking out the seeds, getting all the supplies, planting the seeds, waiting for signs of growth... and then still having to go buy plants because everything died. This summer, with luck, we'll be eating vegetables from the little seedlings Theseus repotted this afternoon.

Here's my photo from today. It was a good day.

- Antiope

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