Today I got a case of the "cleans" - our kitchen is now sparkling and picturesque! Seriously. It's beautiful.

I scrubbed all the grease off the (gas) stovetop and soaked, then scrubbed the little cage things that sit over the flames. I cleaned the oven (luckily it wasn't bad at all and didn't take long). I cleaned the microwave inside and out (also not too bad). I moved everything that didn't belong in the kitchen out, then washed down the countertops and scrubbed out the sink. I washed the walls and dusted on top of the fridge. I watered, pruned and organized the plants in front of the window. I rinsed out and bagged my plastics for recycling.

What's left is the floor, which I purposely didn't clean yet because tomorrow I'm going to try to clean the fridge. Then it really will be perfect.

It feels so nice to stand in there now, with the clear countertops and fresh citrus smell.
I'm also making more of an effort to feed myself normal meals at normal intervals. Since I went to Whole Foods yesterday, I decided today would be Day 1 of a normal diet again.

Today's menu consisted of:

Breakfast: banana walnut granola with slices of fresh banana and soy milk. orange juice.

Lunch: salad of arugula and baby spinach, clover, red lentil, snow peas, garbanzo beans, heirloom cherry tomatos, feta and toasted sesame dressing. organic lemonade.

Snack: baby carrots with tuscan white bean dip.

Dinner: two tofu hotdogs (ok, I got lazy), miso soup. more lemonade.

I also prepared another package for Theseus and did another load of laundry (where does it all come from?!).

Tomorrow I'm going to tidy up the dining room and finish the fridge and floors. The time passes more quickly when I keep busy. :/

Wow, if this isn't the dullest post ever, I don't know what is. I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow (and I'll try to refrain from patting myself on the back for cleaning something).

- Antiope

7/19/2010 10:36:43 am

Damn - you SHOULD pat yourself on the back! wanna come do my house?


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