This is where I am. I can't sleep. My fingertips are chewed down to nothing. My hair is falling out. My head/chest cold won't go away. I think I can feel an ulcer developing.

Go see this one and that one - Is there a position? - gather the necessary paperwork - tie up loose ends, things I'd been neglecting - go see some more - talk and talk and talk, explain. Sit and wait and hope.

Search and apply, search some more, apply. Postings in MA, NJ, GA. Posting in Twin Falls, ID. Nationwide postings. Attach resume. Sit and wait and hope.

I'm trying to stay calm - like I said, I'm not quite at the panic stage yet. But I can see it on the horizon, and that worries me immensely. I'm no good at sitting, waiting, hoping.

- Antiope

9/15/2011 11:15:04 am

It. Will. Be. Ok.

I promise.

9/16/2011 09:40:41 am

What is going on that you're so stressed out? Message me on Facebook, call me, email me...something. Tell me whats wrong.


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