Today it reached the mid 60s, which was so wonderful I could have cried. You don't realize how yucky the cold weather makes you feel until you have a really nice day. The air smelled so great and I was even able to keep the front door open for a little while.

T and I walked around in the back yard and started to talk about plans for the garden. It's going to be huge, did I tell you? :) I also threw some expired food into the compost bin and gave that a couple turns. All the bugs that were munching the compost in the fall (back when I kept up with it) are dead now, but hopefully with the new food, more will come in and get to work. I'm very excited to mix it into the garden.
After that we took a ride to the Goodwill so I could drop off some books and clothes I don't want anymore. That was another good feeling - letting crap go. Not that I have a problem with browsing the Goodwill immediately after making a donation... but I didn't see anything I couldn't live without, so we left empty handed.

Next stop was the Home Depot to get some more seed supplies. I was supposed to start tomatoes and cabbage today but I ended up getting too lazy. Tomorrow I'll get them started. Our current seedlings (onions, peppers, eggplant, celery) are all doing well despite an attack by an unknown feline assailant earlier in the week. The attacker killed about 10 of the onions but there are enough left that I think we'll have enough. We were going to have to thin them out anyway.

Later I washed some more of the baby's clothes/blankets and moved some more of his stuff into his room. It's starting to look like a real bedroom now, not like a warehouse anymore. I ordered him some crib bedding online this evening; once that's here, it will be pretty complete. The only things left to do will be to put up the trim and hang some photos on the wall.

I also have a nice wooden rocking chair for his room but presently it's occupied by one of the cats, who believes it belongs to him. So I guess the chair can stay out here until the baby arrives. I don't want to make the cat angry - I saw what happened to the onions. :)

- Antiope

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