I started this post, then saved it as a draft... came back to it, added some, saved it again... came back a day later, deleted some, got distracted... here I am four days later. I have nothing of value to add at this point and I lost my train of thought so here is my crappy, disjointed post. I just want it to go away. :(
I have some more links to share!

- a recipe everyone can use. Read the reviews, they are hysterical! :)
- another reason to visit the Newseum in DC... you're still on my mind, Hunter
- check out these awesome orange rind votives! So cool!!
- yesterday's photo
- today's photo

Speaking of my photo project - I'm realizing it is far more challenging than I'd expected. Physically taking and uploading the photos isn't hard, but finding inspiration is. I don't want the whole thing to be filled with photos of the baby and the cats, ya know? The (snowless) winter is kind of dull. I'm trying, though.

I'm also having some color/exposure issues. Everything looks dark and yellowish when I get it on the computer. Maybe it's just me? I have to improve at choosing the proper settings in the camera so I don't have to spend so much time editing them in Photoshop. This used to come naturally to me; it's amazing how quickly you lose your skills when you aren't touching a camera every day.

Other photo project news: I have fixed all the photo borders so they are uniform (bet you didn't notice they were all different, right? I'm anal-retentive when it comes to uniformity sometimes) and made it so you can click the photos to enlarge them (very cool!). For some reason this doesn't work with the vertical photos (like today's), but I'm working on it.

Ok well that's it. 

Oh also today was my first day back to work - saw some old faces, that was nice. I have a mountain of work waiting for me, though. But whatever. I'm just so happy to have a job again.

Ok that's it for real now.

- Antiope

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