Oh, did I tell you? I was asked to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which recognizes the achievements of two-year college students. My college's chaper is Chi Iota. I'm very excited about this! I've worked very hard for my 4.0, and it's going to feel great to wear the PTK stole with my graduation gown next spring. :)
I've also pretty much decided which 4-year school I'm going to apply my BCC credits to - either Rutgers, for their Bachelor of Science in Animal Science or Drexel University, for their Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

To meet my long-term goal of obtaining a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Tufts, the Animal Science program at Rutgers is the wiser choice. Unfortunately, their School of Environmental and Biological Sciences is in New Brunswick, kind of too far away to be a realistic option (a little over an hour away, without traffic). How am I going to work full time and attend classes there? As a science major, most of my classes involve labs - you can't complete those through distance learning.

The Drexel program won't be as strong on my resume, obviously, but I'm going to work hard to supplement that shortfall by volunteering/interning(?) at a couple farms near our house. That way I'll at least be able to demonstrate I'm serious about working with animals and have the experience to back it up. And the best thing about Drexel (other than it being a very good college) is that I can complete my bachelor's degree right at one of the BCC campuses, so my commute will only be about 25-30 minutes. Totally do-able.


A part of me is still really disappointed with myself for waiting so long to go back to school. I could be a year away from a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree by now (assuming I went to college straight from high school and accounting for the lost year of my deployment to Iraq). Instead I'm a year away from an associate degree, which basically means nothing in today's job market.

Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I don't know - I just never invisioned myself in this situation, relying on the Army for employment because I have no other options. If I could get out of the Army tomorrow I would, but then I wouldn't have a job. So I stay. It's a terrible place to be in, and I have no one to blame but myself. :(

- Antiope

2/22/2011 10:21:12 pm

i am so excited to see that you've got a great plan for school and what you want and how your going to get there. it is one of the thing that i love about you.... your have such a strong and beautiful mind and ambition.... i wish i was as confident as you sometime about what i want to do with my career.
i'm sure oneday i will figure it out.
i love you so so much

2/22/2011 10:50:45 pm

Aww, honey, thanks! And don't worry so much about what you want to do - I know you'll figure it out and when you do, we'll make a plan for you too. I love you. :)

2/23/2011 07:33:36 am

I'm sorry if this comes across as invasive or rude, I'm not trying to be either and I know its really none of my business but I have to ask - while you're doing all this college and interning/volunteering, and working etc....where will Austin be??

Feel free to not answer this if you don't want to....again I know its none of my business.

2/23/2011 07:46:32 am

He'll be in my purse! Haha, no, not really.

While Theseus has been deployed, I have been able to go to school and not worry about having a job. When he gets home, we're going to switch - I'll go back to work and he will be able to stay home and focus on school and take care of the baby.

So far I've taken mostly in-classroom classes, but Theseus will have to take some online classes so he can be home more. I'm going to complete as many of my own classes online, too (this summer I'm taking 4 classes and 3 are online). This way we won't have to try to find childcare too often, only for special occasions, going out to dinner sometimes or whatever.

2/23/2011 10:48:19 am

Thanks for not being offended by my asking....I just know that I would have given anything to be able to stay home with Patrick longer than the 5 weeks I did (I was supposed to take 8 weeks but we just couldn't afford it)...then again, his father wasn;t exactly the hands on type so it was me doing everything AND working full time....I'm glad you have it worked out and hope it goes the way you want it to


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