I was going to sleep in, but turns out I have to take Mushroom to the vet for 10:00. But this is good - after tomorrow he'll be ready to go to PetSmart. Hopefully they'll have a cage for him before the holiday; we had such luck with Marshmallow - he was adopted just one week after I dropped him off. And I'm sure Mushroom will be adopted just as quickly. 
Still having difficulty with Colby, though. I'm going to try to spend a bit more time with him tomorrow; maybe I can get him in a carrier before Mushroom's appointment and take him to the vet at the same time? Unlikely, but I can dream...

Also on the docket for tomorrow:

- wash all my vacation laundry
- dishes
- sweep out my bathroom (only way it's going to get a good cleaning, I've decided, is if I do just one thing at a time)
- wrap presents, hide (from cats) in spare bedroom closet
- finalize Christmas shopping (all that's left is online stuff)
- get a package off to Theseus
- homework

What an exciting life I lead, right?


Today was pretty terrible, though. Theseus and I have been arguing a lot lately, and it spilled over to today. I'm very tired of yelling. Maybe it's time to shut the phone off for awhile. I don't know what else to do. :(

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