The baby slept all day, so Theseus and I were able to get a lot done in the yard. Our grass was getting pretty high, and the town can be b*tches about unkempt yards - last year I got a citation warning. Have to try not to let that happen again this year.

We worked in shifts for the first part of the day - Theseus went first, finishing out the transplanting. We still had three winter squash seedlings and a handful of watermelon seedlings that needed a home, so he planted them into the voids left by the squashes that didn't make it. Then I went out and started mowing the lawn with the riding mower; I did the back yard and most of the front yard when a belt broke and the mower died.

The baby was still snoozing so we decided to finish up the yard together, returning to the house every 15 minutes to make sure he was ok. I mowed the rest of the front yard with the push mower (which is not self-propelled, so is a bear to try to push uphill... consequently I didn't mow the side yard, which is, yes, a hill). Theseus followed behind me with the weed whacker and cleaned up everything I couldn't get.

The yard looks really nice now (except for the side yard, but that can't be helped).
And now as I type this, I can see several kids in kayaks down behind my house. They're out there pretty often, trying to catch turtles. I've never seen them even come close to catching one, but it's funny to watch them try.

Not a bad day. :)

- Antiope

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