...was with, surprisingly, swiss chard.
A brief history of my relationship with swiss chard:

Chapter 1. I'd never had before and didn't have a clue what it tasted like when I bought the seeds. I thought it was some sort of a salad green.

Chapter 2. It grew quickly into beautiful large, light-green leaves. I became suspicious that it was not, in fact, a salad green.

Chapter 3. I sampled it, raw, from the garden a few days ago and decided tasted disgusting. (Sad face), because there's kind of a lot of it out there.

Chapter 4. There really was too much in the garden to let it go to waste, so I searched for recipes online so at least I could say I gave it a shot.

Chapter 5. Most recipes involve boiling or steaming, like spinach. Which I hate. The thought of lumpy wet piles of steamed spinach/swiss chard/whatever makes me want to vomit myself inside-out. "Cook until wilted" = death of all things holy.

Chapter 6. I found a recipe for Double-Dutch Mac & Cheese with Chard, which was the least revolting usage of swiss chard on the internet, I think.

Chapter 7. Theseus cut a bunch of it out of the garden and handed it to me while he fussed with the salad cukes. I sniffed the sturdy-yet-elegant leaves and decided they smelled like sadness.

Chapter 8. Theseus cooked the chard until tender (aka wilted) and added them to the mac & cheese. Unlike spinach, they kept their pleasant shade of green.

---This is somewhat anticlimactic, but:

Chapter 9. The mac & cheese & chard was delicious!

Yay for trying something new. :) Seriously, click on the recipe and make it. You will like it.

- Antiope

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