I don't know how long this will continue (hopefully not long!), but Theseus and I have identified a pattern: every late afternoon/early evening, after eating but before bedtime, Austin freaks the heck out. For a few minutes, nothing in the world can make that baby happy. We talk to him, rock him, smooch him, and after 10 minutes or so he settles down and falls asleep. It's actually a lot less stressful for us now that we expect it and can see him spinning himself into The Evening Wail.

Now that we've got him figured out, though, he'll probably abandon this routine and take up another one. He's full of surprises that way. Did I tell you he let out a single, creepy laugh last week? He creeped himself out, too.

Ok, I was going to write some more but now I have a grumpy husband. So. I'll write some more tomorrow.

- Antiope

6/14/2011 02:55:11 am

Does he have gas? Get some gas drops and see if it helps...Patrick did that too but it turned out he was allergic to the formula...switched him to soy & he was fine after that


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