J came to visit yesterday!
I can't even tell you how nice it was to spend the day and evening with her. She and Mer have only been in NY for a couple weeks now, but I am already really, really feeling the loss. You know that old cliche about truely appreciating the value of something only after it's gone? Yeah. That.

Anyway. I picked her up at the train station and we had lunch at a cute little cafe nearby. Over our sandwiches, she told me about how cold it is in her new town and how the nearby grocery stores are all terrible. She can't find white chocolate chips anywhere. Her cat (a stray that invited itself into their home) is distressed. Mer is feeling overwhelmed at her new job. Everything is grey. I think she wishes they didn't move, too.

I want to try to make the trip up to their new place sometime this month, maybe the weekend before Christmas. It's about 3 hours by train (how quaint!), which isn't too bad. I miss them both terribly. :(

After lunch we stopped at PetSmart to get some (rediculously expensive) cat pheromones to use on Colby the Wild Basement Cat. Then we walked next door to Old Navy to find tacky Christmas boxers for Theseus (it's a tradition!). I only found one pair that was sufficiently tacky, but I did find a pair from Halloween that was only $1.

After that we drove (across the state) to Wegmans to get groceries for my anorexic fridge, and then to Panera for dinner.

The car ride back home was dark and cold, but it was easy to stop feeling sorry for myself with J in the car with me. At home we shared orange juice, clementines and funky gourmet chocolate and talked for hours. She loaded my freezer with homemade baked goods. We looked at fun houses online for awhile, ate some more chocolate, then turned in for the night.

One of the best things about having someone else in the house (other than the obvious things - having someone to talk to and eat with, etc) is being able to sleep in a pitch-black bedroom again. Since Theseus left, I have been unable to sleep without the television, unless I have a house guest. It was wonderful to sleep soundly last night.

Well, this post is a little disjointed. I really just wanted to express two things: J came to visit and I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!

- Antiope

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