Spring is going to be insane.
I'm taking an intersession course, Basic Biology and Human Affairs, from Jan 4-14. The class meets every day for 4.5 hours - going to be intense!!

Then the rest of the semester is a little jumbled. Because baby will be here for the second half of the semester, I'm taking two 7-week classes and two traditional 15-week classes. This way, I'll still have a full time schedule, but two of the classes will be out of the way before baby comes, so I'll only have two to worry about once he is here.

And I'll cross the Summer bridge when I get to it (gulp!).

So for my two 7-week classes, I'm taking English Comp as an on-campus course and Comparative Government as an online course. That will give me a little more time in the house to take care of all the chores I have been neglecting.

For my two 15-week classes, I'm taking Chemistry/Chemistry Lap and Algebra II (yep, another non-credit course...). It will be a little hairy for the second half of the semester but I'll make it work somehow. I'll get this Associate's Degree if it kills me. :)


Also, unrelated for this week:

- begin raking the yard (seriously this time)
- organize bedroom
- work on plan for the nursery

- Antiope

11/2/2010 12:10:34 pm

Thought for the nursery: I got a set that the crib was convertible into a todler bed, then it could have turned into a twin size bed had I the ambition to make it that way.... and the dresser, the bottom was a changing table, complete with straps and the drawers went in no matter what was it was...once you no longer need a changing table, you flip the dresser over and its just a dresser. Really came in handy.


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