Subtitle: I haven't blogged in a week and clearly I have forgotten how to be interesting*

A nice woman at Panera gave me a free oatmeal raisin cookie.

It was cold outside.

I ate a piece of pizza that tasted like soap and then threw up later that night.

My niece threw a stuffed Big Bird at me (actually I think she was just throwing it and I just got in the way).

I went into two stores and didn't buy anything for myself.

My mother's Christmas present arrived in the mail (freakin finally).

I ran into my former roommate at a bar and he tried to buy me a drink and when I explained I wasn't drinking, he bought me a cranberry juice and told me it was good for the baby.

T and I successfully completed Operation Buy JTD a Present.

I received approx 15 hugs.

I didn't hit a deer.

*This post is terrible. I'll try harder tomorrow.

- Antiope

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