Well, not yet, but maybe sometime soon.

That's right, it's here: morning sickness. Also: afternoon sickness, evening sickness and night sickness. It's great. (It's the opposite of great.)
Today I'd planned to start getting the house ready for the big visit this weekend. Instead I sat on the couch, nauseous in a way I can't describe, and sulked. Everything in my kitchen looks/smells disgusting to me - especially tomato sauce. I now hate tomato sauce. So I had chocolate soy milk and stale salt-free tortilla chips. That's all I could really eat.

So now I'm too scared to try to go to NYC with J tomorrow, especially since we were going to take the train (I wouldn't have my car to make a quick get-away if I needed to). I already told her and she understands, but look at me, I'm already a buzzkill. That might be worse than feeling sick.

...I'm just whining, and I'm sure everything will be fine, but this sucks. I reawish Theseus were here to make me feel better. :(

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