"Oh wow, congrats on the baby! How many weeks along are you? ... But your husband is deployed, right? (frown) When did he leave?"

I can see you trying to do the math in your head, assholes.

- Antiope

11/11/2010 05:59:19 am

sorry but a part of me couldn't help but chuckle just a little bit.... your voice came right to me as i read this to myself....
and who the hell is questioning this ???
anyone close to us???? what the hell????
and any strangers ... piss off just a little bit

i love you babe and thats all that really matters

dad t
11/11/2010 07:22:10 am

there wont be any doubt when he comes out looking like a little Josh!

11/11/2010 08:17:24 am

People can be such dicks. I hope you gave them the stink eye at least. OR you could have made up some story about how you just weren't sure who the father was because all the orgies make it impossible to track.... complete with wide, guileless eyes.

11/11/2010 09:34:38 am

I like Megs idea....or you could say that you know for sure Josh is the father but you're still not sure who the mother is....


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