For the blog, not me. :)
I was looking for a reason not to work on my Economics homework when I stumbled on some new site features for my blog. They added a whole ton of new designs (though not sure I'm completely satisfied with this one, so it may change in a week, who knows) and some other goodies to play around with.

The best new feature is the photo gallery I added to the home page - I probably could have messed with the HTML coding and turned the old, single-photo option into something like the new photo gallery, but I'm sure it wouldn't have come out so clean looking. Do you like it? I really do. :)

Adding photos to it also made me realize that it's been a long time since I went around the yard with my camera. I have photos from all 4 seasons at the old house, and then fall, winter and spring at this house. I didn't take any summer photos at all. Of course, I had to give back my awesome Army camera when I left my old unit, but that's really no excuse. I have a little camera I could use. I'll try to be better about taking photos.

I also updated my blogroll - deleted some blogs I lost interest in and added some new ones I've found. And I also fixed all the links - some of them got messed up somehow, but I believe now I have them all straight.

So - we'll see about this new blog design. I'm still getting used to the plain white background. I suppose I could alter the coding. At the very least, I will change the banner photo that appears at the top of all the blog pages. I did not take that photo, I have no idea where that bridge is, and while it's a pretty photo, I'd kind of like to use one that is mine. All the photos in the photo gallery (except for two of the ones of Josh and I) were taken by me.

Well, I guess that's it. I still have another entry to write - the "30 days" post, even though I forgot to write one last month. So I'm backdating this entry to yesterday, because I'm anal and can't have two entries dated for the same day. Yep.

- Antiope

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