It's your lucky day: more of my bookmarks to look at! (Part 1 can be found here.)

This collection is part of my growing Honey-Do List. Click the blue links to see some of the great things I have lined up for my husband to do when he gets home!
In my cyber-travels, I stumbled across this awesome play kitchen, made from a repurposed entertainment center. The blog author, Erin, gives really great instructions and has photos from each stage of construction. I don't think this will be too hard (for Theseus) to construct. More of these play kitchens can be found here and here - lots of material for inspiration! (Are you taking notes, Theseus?)

Another fun (?) and pretty easy project will be planting blueberry bushes in the spring. Yay blueberries! There's a great blueberry farm in Hammonton - the Blueberry Capital of the World - where we'll get our bushes. We bought bushes from them when we were still renting at our old place and sadly had to leave them behind when we bought this house. The farm also sells raspberry, chokeberry and cranberry plants and beach plum trees. I want my entire yard to be edible!!

And speaking of blueberries - check out this yummy-sounding recipe for blueberry griddle cakes. How cool will it be to pick blueberries in the morning and then (watch Theseus) turn them into breakfast?

Also look at this recipe for cinnamon polenta pancakes (we won't be able to grow any of those ingredients obviously but that's ok).

And how tasty do these vegetarian sliders look?

Oh, and how I look forward to making my own sangria this summer... :)


Well, I didn't mean for this post to end up a list of dishes I want (Theseus) to make, but that's how it turned out. My next bookmark list will showcase some of the blogs I follow. Stay tuned - I'll post the next list in a couple weeks. :)

- Antiope

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