I spend (probably) too much time online. In my travels through the interwebs, I come across some pretty cool sites/ideas/products. I have over 500 pages bookmarked on my computer; I think it's time to share some of them.

If they caught my eye, you know they are awesome. So check them out!
I don't remember how I came across these adorable Card Table Playhouses. They are too cute! And the craftsmanship is just incredible. I was thinking about getting one for my neice for Christmas, but it seems the seller is overwhelmed by holiday orders, so I will probably wait until her birthday in the summer. She loves Finding Nemo, so I'm leaning toward the Mermaid Manor Playhouse.

Watch a live feed of a hummingbird nest in a rosebush in California. It's pretty odd to watch a hummingbird that is sitting still. And two little eggs the size of breath mints!

Week 8 NFL power rankings - guess which team is #1? That's right, the Pats. Bill Belichick is a genuis.

I think I am going to buy these animal decals for the baby's room and maybe this area rug (in White/Persimmon), oh and I really like this pendant lamp (in Hummingbird Tangerine). I'm still trying to decide on a color scheme for the nursery, but I'm very fond of a combination of shades of sea blue/lime green/orange. Sounds kind of strange, but I'll post a picture I'm using for inspiration in a future blog entry. These chair back decals are pretty cool, also; I think I'm going to try to make a similar design for chair seats of some mismatched wooden chairs I have. And I'm digging this octopus shower curtain. I could do some damage at this place.

Do you have a fur coat/hat/stole you don't want anymore? Consider donating it to the Humane Society to be used by wildlife rehabilitators to warm and comfort orphaned and injured wildlife. They add pieces of the fur to the animal's enclosure; having fur to snuggle in reduces stress and aids in recovery. You can request a return letter, which can be used for a tax deduction (hey, every little bit helps).

Ok, one more: 163 Things You Can Compost. Some unexpected items on the list: tea bags and grounds, toenail clippings and hair, lint from the clothes dryer, and urine. Yep, urine. 

- Antiope

11/6/2010 07:34:19 am

there is no probally...... you do spend too much time online..... but i still love ya


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