The wonderful woman from the rescue group I've been corresponding with sent me a short email on Monday:

Hi [Antiope]!
Looks like we will be able to take Mushroom into Petsmart this week.  Is Wednesday night good for you?

Yes! Yes!!!
It's a little sad, but not as sad as I thought it would be; I think it's actually easier this time than it was with Marshmallow. I did bond with Mushroom more than I did with Marshmallow, but I was able to keep it in my mind that he wasn't staying here with us forever.

Fostering is not an easy thing to do. There's a lot of emotion involved; I can totally understand why many foster "parents" end up keeping their foster pets. You get really attached to them, and it's tough to think of them living in a home with another family.

What if they have a dog? What if their kids poke him in the face or pull his tail? What if they don't leave a towel on the floor for him to snuggle in? What if they aren't patient enough? What if he's scared and needs someone to sing to him? What if they don't know to share their popcorn with him? What if they don't have a cat tower with a carpeted tube for him to sleep in?

But then you remember you aren't the only person capable of loving a cat, and that his permanent family will find their own special way of interacting with him. And it will be alright.

We have about an hour before we have to leave for PetSmart. I know it'll be a sad car ride again, and I know I'll probably cry on the way home again, too. But I'm so happy he's going to get the opportunity to have a permanent family, people to love him and take care of him for the rest of his life.

Marshmallow was at PetSmart for only a week before a nice couple came in and fell in love with him. I'm confident Mushroom won't have any trouble, either.

Good luck, sweetie.
Mushroom sharing a bit of towel with his sister, December 2010

- Antiope

dad T
12/8/2010 08:03:34 am

I have to believe that there are people in this world just as special as you.

12/8/2010 06:37:27 pm

makes me sad to see how much you have cared for these little guys just to have to see them go.... and that is the first picture i've really seen of him and he looks like a little cutie.... and very happy (even if sweet thing is hogging all the towel).
but someone out there will love him just as much and will make a happy home for himself. and with any luck you will have left a little extra personality in him that will never be forgotten.

your truly are a special person with a special soul

and it makes me love you more and more and more
i'm so luck you have you in my life

12/9/2010 09:17:11 am

You are SO a better woman than I - I don't think I could ever let them go. The fact that you took them in and effectively saved their lives and are able to smile through the tears of letting them go to their forever homes is testimony to what a special person you really are.


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