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Really?! Not again...

Thankfully we have very vigilant cats. Two mice have already fallen to Sweet Thing's deadly claws - she has edged out Fi as best hunter in the house. She caught the first one in the basement last night and brought it upstairs before we realized what was happening. She was skulking around with it in her mouth, growling at the other (jealous) cats so we coaxed her back downstairs and eventually took it away from her. She wasn't pleased, but wasn't as angry as Fi was last year when I had to take away three of his treasures. She caught another tonight and gave it to us pretty easily. I followed up with some cat treats.

Gross. Hope that was the last one for this season.

- Antiope

10/16/2011 10:06:51 pm

Yeah...while it would be nice to think that these are the only ones you'll see this winter...I'm kinda doubting that. If you can scope out your basement and try to figure out where they're getting in (and believe me it can be such a small space that you'd never dream they could squeeze through)and block that space up..then maybe. Otherwise, mice will gravitate towards warmth & food...even if they KNOW there are clawed maniacs waiting for them.


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