Well, I didn't mean for this to turn into a cat blog - I do have a life outside of the cats, I swear! - but lately they have been taking up a lot of my time. The two technicians at the vet who share receptionist responsibilities know my voice when I call and no longer ask for my name. Yikes.
I certainly look forward to the day when my house is back to the normal number of cats and I don't have to continuously make vet appointments...

...but it'll also be sad when they're gone.

Yesterday I received an email from the good rescue group telling me they had an open cage at PetSmart. I just had to bring Marshmallow there in the evening, with his vet records, and they would take care of the rest. I wrote back, excited, to say I could bring him.

When the time came to go to his room with the pet carrier, though, I was already feeling a little weepy. I gave him and Mushroom some wet food (Colby is still in the basement until his appointment tomorrow) and cuddled them for a little while. Do cats ever miss each other? It was hard to separate them.

He was quiet on the ride to PetSmart. Once there, we were met by a volunteer of the rescue group who took down some information about him and set up a cage. He sat in my lap for a few minutes, quiet and very still. I hope he warms up once he's been there for a couple days; he has such a sweet personality once you spend some time with him.


He's been a part of my life for months now - even before I was able to coax them inside, I looked forward to visiting with them out on my porch in the afternoons after work. I watched them chase butterflies and wrestle with each other in the grass. I worried when a week or two would go by without a visit from them.

I relished each small victory - first a cautious step toward me, then a sniff of my hand, then running up the hill to greet me when I came home, and finally moving into my house. All four of them are dear to me, but I knew from the beginning I couldn't keep them all. I guess I just never really imagined the day I would have to say good bye to any of them.

I cried most of the way back home.
Marshmallow, before he moved inside. October 2010

- Antiope

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