School was canceled because of the snow, but I felt guilty just sitting in here doing nothing. I roamed around the house until about 9:30, then bundled up and shoveled a path to my car. My neighbor came over from next door and helped me out again, and, like the last time, another neighbor down the street came and snow-blowed the plow bank at the end of my driveway. I think I'm going to add a couple extra plants to the garden, so I can give proper thanks to my neighbors in the summer.
After I was done outside and had thawed out a bit, I made a list of things to do for the day (I always work better when I have a list) and got to it: dishes, laundry, homework, watered the plants, put the trash out. I also cleared a space in the linen closet in the master bathroom for all the diapers. I'm not sure that space will work in the long-term, but for now, at least all the diapers aren't stacked in the hallway anymore.

The only thing from the list I didn't accomplish was grocery shopping, but I can do that tomorrow. And I don't have any classes on Fridays, so I'll get to sleep in, too! Well, not too late - some people are coming in the morning to clean the carpeting in the baby's room. You know, since that used to be the stray-cat-rehabilitation-room.

Speaking of the baby - his baby book came in the mail the other day. I haven't started writing in it yet, but I flipped through the pages and read them to Theseus over the phone. There's a lot of information to fill in! Makes me happy that I've already been recording so much, either here in the blog or in messages online to Theseus. It's very interesting to me to look through my own baby book, so I hope one day Austin will appreciate looking through his.

Well, I should go eat something. Soup again? :(

- Antiope

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