...even when the baby is screaming.

Austin is having a tough evening - it makes me so sad, because I feel so helpless. Earlier he was wailing his head off and nothing Theseus or I did would comfort him. He had a clean diaper, a dry outfit, a full tummy, his choice of a lap to sit in - still angry. We checked his fingers and toes to see if a hair had become wrapped around them, but they were clear. I adjusted his diaper in case it was pinching him - he continued screaming. He screamed so hard, there was a short pause between wails when his face was beet-red and his mouth was wide open but no sound came out. Finally we took off his (dry) diaper and gave him a new one and that settled him down some.

A little while later, after a walk outside in the garden and a refilled tummy, he sat with me while I worked on some school work. I still have to take an exam before the end of the night. Now he's is sleeping and Theseus and I are watching the Bruins game. I hope he isn't up screaming all night. It's rough on all of us. :/

- Antiope

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