Our back yard is filled with fireflies tonight. While I welcome their arrival (summer is really here!), I have to admit a little sadness. I'd love to watch them dart and flash with Theseus...
This time last summer, Theseus and I were collecting from our little garden nearly every afternoon. It was our first summer with a yard, so we experimented, choosing easy vegetables. In a small plot partially shaded by a crabapple tree, Theseus planted cherry tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini and green peppers. I loved eating the cherry tomatoes he picked for me, fresh from the vine and still warm from the sun. And what is a summer meal at home without buttered and salted zucchini and squash? I didn't mind eating them night after night.

On the other side of the boardwalk that led to the lake, he planted two pumpkin plants that produced for us three happy pumpkins (not bad for our first try!). The largest one lasted all the way to winter, making the move with us and gracing the front step of our first home.

Theseus was so quietly proud of our little garden, I made sure to take a ton of photos to document its progress, hoping to capture the love and care he put into it. He then took my photos and incorporated them into a large photo project, which he gave me for my birthday.

I wonder if, looking at the photos I took of his garden, he felt the same kind of pride, the same surge of love, seeing his efforts honored in such a way, the way I felt in seeing what he had made for me with my photos. It is in these times I feel most certain that we were made for each other.
This summer, with Theseus gone and no garden, will undoubtedly be a sad one. It already is. But there will be other summers, and other gardens, and the thought of them is helping carry me through to his return.

- Antiope

9/29/2012 01:15:05 am

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