1. A friend shared two very cool links today on Facebook, so I thought I would pass them along: Academic Earth offers free online college courses - entire classes! - in the form of video presentations. You won't get credit for watching the courses obviously, but you can use them to supplement classes you are already taking or to increase your understanding of topics you are having trouble with. The other site, Khan Academy, also offers free online courses but is geared toward K-12.
2. Posted today's photo. I'm having trouble finding inspiration when the days are so grey and lifeless. Very much looking forward to the spring.

3. Theseus is making quiche tonight! My last decent dinner until he returns from drill on Monday. :(

4. Yesterday Theseus and I scored some great finds at the Goodwill near our house. I found four bizarre (but totally awesome) shirts and two photo frames (you can never have too many), and Theseus found two pairs of pants and six shirts. We also picked up four outfits for the baby - brand new Carters outfits with the tags still on.

When I was young, I used to be embarrassed by my mother finding clothes at the local Salvation Army. I didn't have a problem with the clothes being used, I guess I just didn't think there was anything of value to be found there. For me, the Salvation Army = ugly clothing that no one wants. Since I left home I have gotten over that (untrue) association and have found some pretty awesome stuff at thrift stores and yard sales. I've even made a believer out of Theseus, who sulked around for a half hour before I pointed him to a rack of dress shirts that we ALL IN HIS SIZE. The Goodwill is the best. :)

Ok, time for dinner.

- Antiope

1/8/2012 11:00:10 pm

I totally agree. Although I used to hate the idea of wearing used clothes. Now I find it awesome. However, you really have to be selective as far as quality. I equate it tO something like a treasure hunt. If it wasnt for yard sales, well my child would be naked pretty much all the time.


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